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Hello! We took a lot of pictures of other cosplayers this year, which I compiled in an album here! We hit up the Legend of Zelda and Super Smash Bros. photoshoots, as our little brother (one of the younger Links) was in both! We also got a lot of pics from an impromptu Gurren Lagann photoshoot too.

Also, I think my little brother hit up every Dangan Ronpa and Mirai Nikki cosplayer he ran into and some of the Fire Emblems too! It was his first convention, he was excited to see you all. Thanks everyone for being so polite and nice with him, it made him happy!

Otherwise, I think we actually have a pretty good variety here aside from all the previous listed things, so feel free to do with these pictures that you want, if you’re in any of these!

My Parasoul cosplay at Anime Detour. It made me really happy that a lot more people seemed to recognize me more (compared to last year), which means that more Skullgirls players are out there! I’ll hopefully have better pictures coming in a couple of weeks, so look forward to those!

As a bonus, I ran into another lovely Parasoul along with an equally awesome Valentine! I heard that there was a Ms. Fortune cosplayer somewhere too, SO I’M SORRY I MISSED YOU. I really wish I could have seen it!

Also, I had a little fun with my little brother, the Link! And I ran into a super cool Morrigan (from Darkstalkers) cosplay and had to make everyone’s dream come true with the true match of the century.

Hopefully, if my sister’s cosplay plans go together, Anime Detour can look forward to more Skullgirls in 2015!

Just about all set for Anime Detour (aside from booking a hotel, which hopefully the con will have information on overflow hotels soon :()! Going as Sailor Neptune and Parasoul (of Skullgirls) again, since I was pretty low on money in the last year. However, I’m aiming to make my Parasoul even better with adjustments to Krieg (mostly fixing the flimsy spear I had from last year to be far sturdier)!

This will be my last year of doing Sailor Neptune and maybe Parasoul, though. Hopefully in the next year I can learn how to sew and finally make that Kyukyu-kun cosplay I’ve been talking about for years now.

For the record, I’ve never claimed to be a great artist, and this was done on a post-it note using just a fine-tipped marker and a pencil. So my apologies for the lack of quality.

But Ileum needs more love!

I think the dichotomy of her being a kind, gentle maternal figure, but her being a terrifying thing to be reckoned with is really neat and has a lot of potential. Next voting round will have instant run-off voting, so please consider placing Ileum at a high ranking! She’s a lot different than all the other potential characters and would add something new to the cast!

Her face is said to be a thing of nightmares, so this is my rendition of Ileum taking off her mask to give her opponent a scare. Would be a pretty neat blockbuster, wouldn’t it?

Here’s a couple more good shots of my Neptune cosplay (with my sister, misscaiwin, as the Mercury) I’ve found online!

First shot: hime-photos

Second shot: Found on Facebook, lemme know if you’re on tumblr and you want credit!

While I’m happy I’m finding a good number of shots of my Neptune cosplay, is there anyone with any pics of my Parasoul cosplay? I know a few of you got pics, but I haven’t been able to find any, aside from the photos that we took ourselves. I was the redheaded woman with the inverse cross on my chest and the umbrella that opened up!

Here’s a couple of pics of my sister (thatzombabe) and I as Sailor Mercury and Neptune at Anime Detour! I got these pics off of another person’s facebook, so if you’re on tumblr and want credit, let me know!

My cousin also borrowed my outfit, but lost my back bow, so I’ll be doing this next year, but might be missing a bow. But hopefully our Sailor Moon group will be bigger next year!

Also, someone really needs to cosplay Uranus next year, just saying. I was so sad I couldn’t find any this year. :(

vieraprincess asked:

omg akjflakfgasftasfuyakgs How did you get that umbrella's shape so perfect???

Actually, the umbrella itself was the easy part! I just simply got it from here:

The eyes were by far the most difficult part, though! Not sure if you want information on that, but this is how I did it:

I got Styrofoam eggs, cut them in half and then sanded them down to the desired shape (having a sanding block really helped with this step). Then I put about 9-12 layers of gesso (and sanded it down with a fine sandpaper every 3 coats or so) to smooth the texture out and then put about the same amounts of coats of glossy yellow acrylic paint. Then of course, painted a little orange on the top of all that.

I’m pretty sure the umbrella probably wouldn’t close with any more than four eyes, so I painted the other four on. With that step, it helped to have a white marker to trace the design and a sharpie to color in any mistakes I made while painting (which was a lot).

Anyway, I’m glad you liked it and I hope this answers your question!

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